Monday, 16 April 2018

"A little bit of Blue"

Hello Blog friends and followers hope you are all good.  My goodness what a contrast here from yesterday, its raining!!!!  John and I did so much in the garden and outside in general, now today is miserable Ahhhh!!!!
I will not have a post again till next week. I am off tomorrow with Hazel to spend a few days with some brilliant friends.  We first met at a Crafty Retreat back in November 2015.  We all just seemed to click and wanted so much to meet up again.  We are very wide spread over the UK plus Barbara from Germany but distance does not matter, we just love getting together.  Since that very first meeting we have met up every April and October, my goodness this will be our 5th meet up.  We do keep in daily contact through our wonderful Forum set us for us by Jess, another group members husband after we returned from the Retreat.  Thank you Ronnie you are a STAR!!!
Here is my card for today:- 

This is a really quick and easy card.
Base card 5x7 I used a Sizzex Die (one from a set of two) to cut the corner.  I have placed some blue card at the back to show through.
I Die cut 2 leaves ... I think that`s a SW Die 
The Butterfly is from a pack of Sticker Butterfly's I bought at a show.  It`s not the kind of thing I normally buy ... they must have at a bargain price!!!
The stamp is a Chloe stamp.
That`s it for today
Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments I really do appreciate them .
Patricia xxx

Thursday, 12 April 2018

"Its a Gift"

 Hello Blog friends and followers hope you are all good and ready for the days ahead.  The weather people are saying we are to have warmer weather next week.   WOW!!! we could do with some of that.  Next week Hazel and I are off to meet up with some Blog friends from all over the UK plus one who flies over from Germany.  We meet up every 6 Months and next week is the week ... only 5 more sleeps!!!  I might be able to dispense with my big jacket and even wear some nice shoes!!!
I have a little project I did a few weeks ago.  I needed a little gift but me being me had to package it just a bit different. 
Here it is:-

I was shopping and saw the Chocolates, I thought Ah! Ha! the very thing.
I made the Clutch Bag to fit, no idea regarding measurements, sorry!  I did need to use a sheet of A3 card to cover both the width and length of chocolates.  Some dazzlers for the fastenings, Die Cut Flowers for decoration and a little more time than just "wrapping" the box.  I think it was worth it.  The bag can be reused, it would hold quite a lot as it has concertina sides that will expand a "little"
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it
Patricia xxx

Monday, 9 April 2018

"Bits & Pieces" Cards

Good SUNNY morning everyone, its beautiful and sunny here I do hope its the same where you are.
Yesterday I did a bit of a "tidy up of bits & pieces" you know the kind of thing!!! you have lots you push to one side saying "Oh! yes! I could use that and never seem to get round to it .... come on admit it we all do it!!!!!    On Friday I stamped two images of a stamp Hazel (my sister) asked about.  I did it in two different colours to show the effect.  I did them very quickly and intended to just bin them.  However when I looked at them again I thought I will see if I could use them.  That started me on a roll, I have a box where I pop bits I have Die Cut and don`t use, that was investigated as well.
Here are the results:-

First two are StampinUp images of a (free) stamp I received when I ordered some things.  Hazel has ordered and that`s the stamp she requested for when her goodies arrive.  She just wanted an idea of what it would be like. 
The two back left were made from the Die Cut Box. The other two were made from pieces Robert our younger Grandson did with Brushos & Pixie Powders.  He had stamped a Tree Line image on a piece.  I distressed the edges on that, cut it up and made a card.  I was pleased I managed to make cards using bits.   Actually I get far more of a thrill doing that ... must be the Aberdonian in me!!!!
That`s it for today.
Thank you so much for your visit today and all the your previous visits I really appreciate them all.
Patricia xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Crochet Shawl

Good Sunny Morning Blog friends and followers.  Gosh! I was getting worried the sun had deserted this part of the world. We have had lots of snow from Tuesday.  The hills round us are covered THICK!! once again ... we have had rain till the water has been running off the fields flooding roads!!!   Anyway, today the sun is shining, I am going to enjoy it.
With the weather so miserable I needed to find something to do while sitting in the Lounge beside the roaring fire.  I found a couple of balls of yarn and decided to Crochet a Shawl/scarf so here is a finished shawl.

Close up of the design

 I watched a brilliant Video of instructions for the pattern.
If you go to YouTube and type in Crocheting with Fibre Spider you will get loads of different designs.  All the videos are good, the chap takes time to show and explain everything.  I am not really a Crocheter but I have managed lots of his designs. 
I did take a photo of the ball of Yarn to let you see how the colours mingle within the ball BUT!!! it does not seem to have uploaded ...that`s so strange!!!  The shawl did but not the Yarn .... Ahhhh!!!! Technology defies me!!!!!

That`s it for today, I hope the sun is shining where ever you are.
Thank you so much for dropping by, I really appreciate it.

Patricia xxx

Monday, 2 April 2018

"Its more Boxes"

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers, hope you are all having a good Easter.  Don`t know about where you are but it is FREEZING!!! here in the North east of Scotland Brrrrr!!!!!
I am a bit late posting my Monday Post, its been all go in this house over the weekend. 
Anyway enough, here is a couple of Boxes I made on Friday:-

First one made using measurements I got\2017\04\05
Sam does a wonderful YouTube Video .... its a very strong reinforced Box.
Second one I needed a slightly different size so just altered the dimensions of the first one.
I have also shown the Dies I used,  I cant remember the make of the first bubble one. I had taken it out of the packaging and popped it on a Magnetic Sheet with some other Dies. 

Debera:-  did you get my new e-mail address???  Just let me know if I can help out, its no problem.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for visiting I really appreciate it.

Patricia xxx


Thursday, 29 March 2018

"Cards from my Bit Box"

Good Thursday morning everyone hope you are feeling OK!! today.  Its a cold and very frosty one here I just hope the snow they are forecasting stays on the hills and does not come down in the valley where we are. 
I was tidying up my Bit Box and decided to make cards with some of the "bits"
Here are just a couple :-

A few ladies in the village have asked if I would make them a selection of plainer cards to have for any occasion.
I have made quite a few like these using Bits from my "Bit Box".  I have stamped sentiments on tags with DST on the back.  They just have to peel that off and stick on the card where they want.  
If any of  you do boxes or packs of cards to sell, I personally feel the separate sentiment Tags gives customers choices!   How many times do you have card but the wrong sentiment??

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visits, I really appreciate them.

Patricia xxx


Monday, 26 March 2018

It is cards today!!!

Good Monday Morning everyone, start of yet another new week.  We had amazing sunny weather over the weekend it was fantastic.  I managed to get lots of things done, little jobs that I had kept putting off, all done and dusted now though.  Yesterday I did all my today`s jobs, I am off to meet up with my sister Hazel.     Some of you may remember her Blog although she does not Blog now.  Hazel still keeps very busy doing her Gift Baskets and Gift bags etc:-  between us we still do lots of Crafty Things.   We live approx 50 miles apart, we meet in a nice hotel 1/2 way, we also chat every day Via Messenger and telephone.
Today I have a couple of cards to show:-

I don`t think I have shown these although I did make them a couple of months ago.
First one is done using an Inkylishious stamp with some gentle shading.
Second one is done using JNDs oval Media Plate and SU Lovely as a Tree Stamp set.
Once again I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments and your visits I really do appreciate them.
Have a wonderful day.
 Patricia xxx